Making a movie is not an easy task. It does not depend on only actors and promotion. Truth be told, the first look of a movie is really important. So it all starts with the presentation and that’s where the posters come. So let’s take a walk through the various innovations that have been taken […]

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Funny Clichés Commonly found in Movie Posters

With so many movies being produced each year, the number of movie posters being designed also goes up exponentially. There are many posters designed for each movie although only a few achieve iconic status. That being said, there are many clichés that many designers follow when creating a poster. This may be subconscious or created […]

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Taking Movie Posters to another Level: The Worst Movie Posters ever Made

Just like there are unforgettable movie posters that are truly great and unique, similarly there are unforgettable movie posters because they are just so bad. Every industry creates or designs products that they think is perfect, but in hindsight they just don’t work, and actually can make the movie a potential laughingstock or drive viewers […]

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Creating Art in Film History: The Top Movie Poster Artists

Although Movie poster artists have made huge contributions to the success of a film and have made history over the years, very little attention is actually given to them. They are the people behind the scenes, who sum up the movie in one image – which is used to publicize the movie to the audience. […]

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The Evolution of Movie Posters

Any good movie needs to be publicized, and since the beginning of cinema, movie posters have been used to market and advertise the film. With the evolution of movies, the design styles of the movie posters too have changed. Back in the early days of cinema, printing was not so easy or common and was […]

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The Top Banned Movie Posters

Many movie posters are banned due to explicit content or various other reasons that catch the attention of the Motion Picture Association of America. Some cross the line, while others cross an imaginary line which leaves the viewer confused on why the posters were banned in the first place. Let’s take a look at the […]

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Reel Classics: The Best Movie Posters of All Time

There have been thousands of movie posters designed over the past 100 years of cinema, but there are some posters that have become iconic due to their layout, design style and use of typography. Each decade saw their own ‘stars’ in movie poster making, but there are only a few effective posters that are so […]

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Movie Memorabilia: The Most Expensive Movie Posters

With movie posters dating back a hundred years, and famous illustrators creating masterpieces with one off prints, they are selling for unbelievable prices. You may thing what’s in a movie poster? Well, someone obviously sees their worth and is willing to shell out the big bucks to own it for themselves. Interestingly, the most expensive […]

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Elements to Making Great Movie Posters

There are many blockbusters that are being released every year, and there is no better opportunity for creative designers to market their skills in creating great advertising and publicity posters for the films. With huge revenues being drawn in from major production companies, it’s time to learn the tricks of the trade and see what […]